For seven years I was a Canadian expat living and working in Tokyo with my analytical husband and three children.  It was an amazing experience for us all and I wanted the blog to be a permanent reminder of those halcyon days.  But it was not all smooth sailing. In fact, this blog was a creative outlet for me following the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami.  It seems the release of pent up energy between the tectonic plates unleashed some creative energy in me.

Prior to moving to Japan I worked as a financial planner for ten years in Canada before deciding I wanted to make less money and work more hours in journalism and television production.  I specialized in financial news and was a producer for BNN in Canada and Bloomberg Television in Tokyo.   Currently, I am a freelance writer, blogger and owner of HalcyonDays.ca, a global lifestyle website.

Recently we moved to the U.S. and while I am closer to home, I still try to look at things from an outsider’s perspective and will continue to recount my real life adventures, which for the most part will be about living, working and traveling around the globe, but will also include true stories of my former life as a dilettante/slash/flight attendant/slash/stock broker/slash/business journalist/slash/expat wife.

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