Posted by: mariabro | December 6, 2020

2020 The Year of the Rat, seriously.

This blog post grew out of my attempt to create a nice Christmas card to send out to my friends and family. As I searched for pictures which I thought were appropriate I realized that 2020 required more that just a card. It required reflection, commentary and a sense of humor. In short, it required a full-blown blog post to document the craziness that has been 2020.

I began by scrolling though my pictures for the past year. This took me many more hours than necessary as I went down many rabbit holes and lots of memories, good and bad. I picked some of my favorites that I hope will help convey a little of what it was like to live through this debacle/shitshow/dumpsterfire/ that has been 2020.

We ended/started the year on December 31 with a blow-out New Year’s Eve party at our lake house in Sunapee. The theme was the roaring twenties. Only now, in retrospect, do I realize why the twenties were roaring. They had suffered through four years of World War One from 1914-1918, only to succumb to the Spanish Flu pandemic, February 1918 to April 1920. No wonder by the time it was over in April of 1920 they were ready to party…as I imagine we will be.

Welcome 2020…
I served “Corpse Reviver” Welcome Drinks (a sign?)
Sunapee Crew
Friends who are family

In January, Hayden and his teammates win first place for high jump relay at State Championships (the jump-off he had with the Maasai warriors in Africa inspired him to take up high jumping…but that’s another story)
Late January we meet up with former Tokyo buddies in Vancouver (BC-before corona)
A Shimmer Fundraiser in February, before things got dark
Who wore it better?
One of the last live music events before lockdown #aldouscollins
Some serious bluebird ski days on empty slopes…until the resort was closed down
The “March 12 birthday gang” pyjama party…luckily we celebrated the week before when we were not yet locked down. The WHO declares a global pandemic on, you guessed it, March 12.
St. Patrick’s Day online with the Drop Kick Murphy’s
The beginning of outdoor, socially distant get-togethers
Moving up to Sunapee to quarantine, getting lots of hiking in
Learning some new skills with friends
Online yoga via zoom
A socially distant scavenger hunt created by the clever Tina Sherwood (I’m corona-sizing, with a two ‘handle’ barbell)
The first of many crazy windstorms this year. This tree crashed into our master bedroom closet.
Maddy reacts to Gov Baker closing the schools.
Outdoor, socially distant Mimosas
Cutting and distributing plastic PPE gowns
Helping create wellness areas in the hospital to help overworked staff de-stress
The pandemic puzzle competition (which people finished before I even had the borders done…)
Zoom cocktail parties
A lot of zooming…
Essential supplies
More essential supplies
No music festivals for me this year.
The massive lion’s mane jellyfish plague Nantasket and other nearby beaches
Mother Nature starts to take pity on us. The bounty this year is like no other. The shutting down of factories and fewer cars on the road leads to some positive consequences
Our Sunapee time comes to an end. We lower the Canadian flag and look forward to new adventures
My last water ski on Lake Sunapee
Lots of final toasts
My friend Amanda and I take up boogie boarding to get outdoors and soak in the positive vibes of ocean!
The kitchen covid corner; masks, gel and UV light sanitizers
We appreciate everything, that much more now
Appreciative of restaurants that offer beautiful outdoor dining
Lots and lots (!) of together-time
Time to go through old albums and create memory boxes for the kids
Feeling more nostalgic this year
The covid test initiation
First day of school 2020 – Hayden’s senior year will be unique in every way possible (this is how teenage boys decorate their “offices”)
More zoom calls with family who we missed so much
Finally in early November I was able to cross the border and visit Brittany at her new home
A day-trip to Prince Edward Country, a great little escape from the city
Some wine tastings at empty vineyards
Replenishing the boys’ mask supplies
A day trip to Walden Pond, more time for reflection
Getting the Christmas lights up earlier than ever, bringing a little light to the darkness

There were a lot of highs and more than our fair share of lows this year, but through it all we learned that we are resilient. There will be more hard times ahead but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have found solace in our friendships and families. We have learned new skills and found coping mechanisms. We look back at history and appreciate what our predecessors went through and realize that if they can get through wars, pandemics, recessions, plagues & pestilence, we can get through this. Personally, we will come out of this stronger, more creative and more resilient. As a nation, we will come out of this with scars but we will rebuild and become even better than before. There is much to look forward to and be hopeful for.

As we head to the end of 2020 I want to wish you all a reflective, restful holiday season. What we have gone through has helped us appreciate more than ever what we have and encourages us to be generous with those who are in need. Thank-you to each and everyone of you who is reading this and who I’ve been lucky to call a friend. Wishing you peace and sending you virtual hugs.



  1. Thank you for sharing this funny and poignant moments. I would say you had a very good year. Looking forward to the freedom to hang out and be with friends in person but I also feel like there was so much to be gained in this time for us early we are in it together but not in the same boat so many have suffered so much. This year more than ever I want to make sure that people get the help that they need! Thank you for being a very good example of reaching out to others. Blessings in the new year.

  2. Maria,
    This was brilliant and I’m so sad we won’t be seeing each other in Thailand next week as planned earlier this year . Till the next time . You and Craig are special people. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
    Lots of Love
    Sarah and Nick xxxx

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