Posted by: mariabro | April 12, 2011

Random Facebook Uploads

Have a break out? Get some proactive from the vending machine!

A large accumulation of snow in Tokyo

Even the Emergency room has slippers

Hanami Duty – Junior employee has to hold the picnic spot

Rush hour in Tokyo – 12:30AM!

Finally made it to Ice Bar in HK

Requisite fishing gear for Japanese girls. Stilettos, fish nets and Louis Vuitton Bags

My neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon. Mojitos included

Really dear, we needed a shwarma?

Boy and his dog

Favorite Japanese signs

Cougar in training

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Maybe I should get some milk for the kids?

A little excitement at First Bar. Nigeria vs. Pakistan. Not cricket.

Are you Zaru?

Time to call it a night

Missing my hubby in Hawaii

Morning Geiger counter check – the new normal

Saying hello to my buddies in Roppongi

Hanami – Yoyogi Spring 2011

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