Posted by: mariabro | April 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Fever

O.K. you can’t really have a blog and not comment on the Royal Nuptials, can you?  I was 19 for the last royal wedding of Diana and Charles.  I remember watching, early in the morning, in the summer of 1981.  Diana was only one year older than me and I tried to imagine the life she would lead as she stepped into the fairy tale.  We all know how the fairy tale ended.  Thirty years later, I viewed the celebration from my living room in Tokyo.  Champagne in one hand and iphone in the other.  Texting with friends from Canada,  Tokyo, Australia, the United States and Hong Kong.  This time I hoped the fairy tale would have a happier ending.  This time I imagined my 18 year-old daughter stepping into a horse-drawn carriage awaited by her prince charming.

So, I thought Kate’s dress was underwhelming.  She is beautiful and composed and charming so it didn’t really matter that she looked a bit dowdy. Her two hairstylists/life partners apparently spent two months working 24 hours a day to design her hairstyle.  That’s how I wear it when I am late walking the boys to school.  Well, usually not with the tiara.  I enjoyed the shy, sly smiles William and Kate shared with each other.  They definitely appear to be in love, or so I would wager.

The Queen looked like a queen.  I know much has been said about what she carries in her handbag but I mean really, if Camilla can carry an elegant clutch, why can’t her mother-in-law?  I realized that the Queen does not join in the singing when “God Save the Queen” is sung.

Kate’s mom should be proud of the two beautiful daughters she has raised.  Her dress was great but her hair could have looked a little more “done” and not like she was walking the dog on a good hair day.  Pippa was the standout and almost outshone the bride.  Kate should have worn Pippa’s dress. It was stellar.  And when she walked out on the arm of Prince Harry I could almost see another match in the works and a jealous Chelsey in the background.

Posh was suitably subdued but we didn’t see enough of Beckham.  We also didn’t see much of Prince Andrew and his daughters, Beatrice and what’s her name. Fergie really should get off her diet/talk show/book tour and help her daughters dress more appropriately.  They may have been appropriately attired for the Alice in Wonderland wedding on acid.  For William and Kate’s wedding they were downright scary.

The choir boys all buy their spectacles at the same optometrist.

Most of the men wore uniform hats which they removed upon entering the church.  With so many planners working on this, I wonder why no one thought to make sure they didn’t have hat head?  Especially William.  His hair stood on end for the entire walk/talk into the church.

Who were the Dixie chick look-alikes?

And how did Elton John and David Furnish (who both received more airtime than anyone else in the audience combined) feel about the many references that the major goal of marriage was procreation?

And did anyone notice when Kate said “For richer or poorer”, she smirked?


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