Posted by: mariabro | January 12, 2018

Welcome to the Jungle

After 6 days in the concrete jungle of Lima (pop. 11million) we headed to the actual jungle. The Amazon jungle. A quick two hour flight to Iquitos, a less-quick 1.5 hour drive to Nauta, and a slow boat up the amazing Amazon river…and we arrived at our Treehouse. Literally a treehouse.

Our host/guide excitedly described the scorpions, tarantulas, Jaguars and anacondas that frequented the jungle around us. As I realized the remoteness of our home for the next three nights, I had a slight panic attack. These kind of thoughts only come with age and the vulnerability of having children, but I wondered to myself what if one of them gets bitten by a spider? What if some other crisis arose? It would be about 3 hours before we could get back to the airport of Iquitos, itself not a center of medical expertise. (Ok as I’m writing this my heart is starting to pound again…)

But something surprising happened. As we cruised the Amazon river I felt the peace of the Amazon descend. I looked around and realized the jungle held the key to everything that could ail us…or the earth. All the medications we could require were in the jungle. And then I noticed the scent of the air. It was the freshest, sweetest air I had ever smelled. If you could bottle nature, this would be it, a combination of fresh grass, spring rain-showers and a dollop of wild flowers.

We toured a local village, where the kids played ball in the street while the mothers cooked dinner in the huts that lined the street. The boys had the surprise of their lives when they were invited to see…and hold…(I didn’t see until later) the massive anaconda that one of the locals had recently caught.

We watched the grey and pink dolphins frolic in the river at sunset. When we shut off the engine of our little boat it was palpably peaceful and serene.

We ate catfish that tasted like chicken and drank a few more Pisco sours.

We slept well in our tree-house, our little Swiss family Robinson. The hum of the insects…outside the netting…was lulling. The WiFi was not working and the boys actually talked to us about things that mattered….Played chess with us and played music for us. Pierce, who is thankfully into great classic rock played “name that tune” which was super fun. I think we both surprised each other at the depth of our classic rock knowledge. Well, 2/3 ain’t bad. Brittany and Pierce are our classic rock kids. Hayden is the rap outlier.

Tonight we ate the pirhana that the boys caught and cooked. I’m more of a catch and release kind of fisher but when you see the teeth on these pirhana it’s hard to feel sympathy!

Enjoy the pics on fb which go along with this post. Off to Cusco and the mountains tomorrow….


  1. Maria! I hadn’t realized that you were already blogging about the trip and am so happy to read your updates. I miss you and love traveling along on this adventure.

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