Posted by: mariabro | January 19, 2018

My worst nightmare

Imagine your worst nightmare…

What would it be? Traveling 40 minutes down a small river, into the deep jungle…in a small boat…at night…threatening rain…and…the motor cuts out?  Well, yes, that would be my worst nightmare. And it happened. We were taking a “night cruise” to look for caiman (alligators) when the propellor of our motor became wrapped in vines. Then the engine flooded as the guide tried to get it started. We sat for about ten minutes in a mosquito infested pond…as it grew darker…trying to get the motor started. If it had not started it would have been at least a 6-hour paddle through the night to get back to our lodge. Hayden managed to record the event…you can hear my frustration.


Me: what’s your backup plan Craig?

Craig: lots of Deet

Me: Ya, my worst nightmare. I think we should row back to the lake. It’s never going to start with all these weeds. (No one is listening to me…)

Me. Again. :this is so stupid. I don’t know why we came in here.

Fortunately, they got the motor restarted and we were able to get back to the lodge…and managed to spot a few caiman on the way. Moral of the story? When you Face your fears…you’ll be surprised at your strength.

Ok, it seems there might be something worse than being out in the jungle, in the dark, with a boat that won’t start.

Being ill in bed all day watching Spanish episodes of honey boo boo and dance moms…

Yes I succumbed to; travelers belly after trying to eat healthy by eating a salad for dinner…I know, I know, rookie move. Pasta and fries here I come.

I also had chills all day from what turned out to be strep…and a headache from altitude sickness. The trifecta! Cusco’s elevation is about 11,180…just a 1000’ short of the peak of Mount Fuji…where I also suffered from altitude sickness. Wouldn’t you know that damn Craig (former smoker) had no problem. I said it was because his lungs were used to less oxygen!

So, a day…or three, in bed to rest and relax. Downtime is always good on an adventure. And what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

Ok! On to our first real f*ck-it list item. Machu Picchu. Heading up to the ruins in the morning. Now, I’m off to take another amoxicillin, cipro and paracetamol… 💪


  1. You look lovely even when you’re sick!

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